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The original Cookie Bar launched in 2011 and was officially opened
by Lord Joffe, patron of COINS Foundation

Coffee and cookies

We serve freshly roasted coffee, home-baked cookies and a range of sandwiches, cakes and hot and cold drinks.

Business as a force of good

The Cookie Bar is a locally run social enterprise – we’re running it for profit, as a business. But we invest our profits socially – half goes to schools, and half to projects supported by COINS Foundation

Real-life work experience

The Cookie Bar provides an environment for pupils to experience all aspects of running a business and helps young people in their journeys to become social and economic contributors. 

Cookie Bar Bus

In 2015, Coins Foundation, with the help of a successful Crowdfunding appeal, converted a 1963 Routemaster bus into a mobile Cookie Bar. Read More

Get connected

We’re using a lot of technology in our Cookie Bar. Why? Because the new technologies don’t recognise physical disability – they recognise intellectual capability. Students using technology can be set free – socially, economically and creatively – but in a controlled environment. 

Projects we support

By choosing to patronise the Cookie Bar, you make a contribution
to wider society. This could be supporting a housing microfinance
programme in Uganda
, helping clients to take out home improvement
loans. Or your support could help to build and run new secondary schools
in Zambia
, where thousands of children are without access to secondary education.

What else

At the Cookie Bar we offer:

Free Wi-Fii
Macs and iPads
Technology sessions
Children’s play area
Art exhibited and for sale by local artists 
African arts and crafts for sale