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How does it all work?

The Cookie Bar is a social enterprise supported by COINS Foundation. We intend to replicate this concept and build a network of Cookie Bars across the UK.

All Cookie Bars will be linked to schools, helping children to achieve social and economic independence, and all will run under the same social enterprise model with 50% of profits for schools and 50% to projects supported by COINS Foundation

Business as usual?

Social enterprise is our business as usual – we’re interested in creating change and influencing people to think differently. We have a long-term focus on societal change: using our profits to look out for the least fortunate in society.

Investing profits socially

We are not looking to provide a solution to all of today’s social problems, but to change
the way that people think about some of society’s bigger issues by getting a trend in the right direction to create a fairer society. Profits re-invested benefit the people and communities they serve, as well as communities in Africa. 

What's next?

We are looking at opening our next Cookie Bar with a school in West London.
They will be video-documenting each stage of their Cookie Bar journey… check back later. 

The bigger picture

The Cookie Bar is part of our vision for positive social change. But it is part of a much wider group of projects supported by COINS Foundation.

Tell me more

The best thing to do is come and have a look for yourself… Where to find us