How does it work?

Students from Stepping Stones special school gain work experience at the Cookie Bar.  It helps them gain confidence and prepare for their next stages in life.

Daisy (22) “Working here helps boost your confidence whilst working with a great team.  I looked at a career in catering after my experience at the cookie bar and I now teach cookery to learning disabled adults – passing on my skills to others.”

Henry (14) “It's Brilliant working at the Cookie Bar!  I like making cookies and that people enjoy eating them.” Alex (14) “The cookie bar has helped me get over my fears of meeting other people.”


Emily (16) “I like working on the till because I like meeting people and talking with them.   I feel more independent when I am at the Cookie Bar.”

Harry (17) “I taught a new volunteer, Mary, how to make cookie dough this morning.”

Georgia (17)  “I have gained independence and confidence – talking to customers especially those I don’t know.  I now have a Saturday job with the Cookie Bar which gets me out the house and earns me some money whilst gaining experience.  So I feel in control of my life.  It is good practice for the future when I move out to my own flat.”